Capital Market Review Update Many political donors, including corporate lobbyists, fear they could find themselves pressured to hand over far more cash to political candidates in the light of the Supreme Court’s decision to nix the aggregate limit on campaign donations. President Barack Obama’s sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea have drawn broad […]

Capital Market Review Q1 2014 Revising its previous, 2008 report sharply downward, a recent Census Bureau population projection showed much slower population growth over the next three decades because of less net immigration into the U.S. and a lower-than-expected birth rate. Over the next 20 years, the U.S. economy is likely to grow only 2% […]

Capital Market Review Update National GDP targeting, which appears to be the Fed’s implicit policy under QE3, is that relatively big mistakes in judging the economy’s potential real growth lead only to small changes in inflation. For example, if the economy’s trend real GDP growth rates were only 1.5%, instead of 2.5%, such a misjudgment would […]

Capital Market Review Q3 2013 Inflationary pressures from food and energy are weighing on developed economies. However, Inflation expectations are also starting to soften, as reflected in the five-year, five-year forward break even rate. 

Capital Market Review Q2 2013 History implies that the peak growth rate in the total housing related spending should be 2.5 times the drop experienced in the previous downturn. This works out to be a peak growth rate of +15.5% in the current business cycle, which is nearly a six-fold increase from its current growth […]