Thinking of going solar or investing in the sector? Options range from loans and leases for rooftops, to crowdfunding, debt securities and bond issues.

Maria Gallucci

For U.S. homeowners and citizen investors, going solar—right now—is becoming increasingly within their grasp.

Solar startups are offering new ways to both pay for rooftop solar installations and invest in the sector—from solar loans and leases for houses, to crowdfunding, debt securities and bond issues for small-time financiers. With solar panel prices at historic lows, companies are pushing to reduce costs even further by reimagining the way that projects get financed.

The latest example is in Connecticut. There, Sungage Financial is launching a two-part program. First, homeowners can get loans that are structured specifically for buying and installing solar panels. The initiative is the first to base the terms of the loans on the customer's projected energy-bill savings—typically about $25,000 over three decades for Connecticut homeowners.

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